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User manuals

Bedienungsanleitungen memotec
Bedienungsanleitungen memotec

We deliver for every bought logger an instruction manual in German. We compile these instructions, based on the Italian original instruction, on our expenses, meaning that we spend more than a thousand Euros for translation. In most of the cases we translate the instructions on our own and incorporate our decade-long experience in the handling with electronically systems at vehicles, into these instruction manuals in order to make it easier for the user.

From time to time there are changes on the firmware of the AIM devices that may come with changes on the function and the handling. Also for these cases we have the accordant instructions.

Should you have kept your instructions so save that you can’t find it any longer, or out of other reasons have no longer access to it (e.g. the dog has eaten it or the children have made a fire with it or it got wet, etc.) you can buy a new instruction manual anytime at our company. The same applies if one bought a used one.

The manuals for the RaceStudio you can find below for downloading. To be able to use the manual convenient out of Race Studio, you have to open a new folder HELP (please use capitals) in the AIM File (to find on the hard drive where you have installed it). In this new folder you copy the two manuals.

Downloads RaceStudio2 manuals

Manual RaceStudio 2 configuration 1.01 06.08.2002 German
Manual RaceStudio 2 analysis 1.07 30.09.2002 German

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