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GPS Manager

AIM GPS Manager
AIM GPS Manager
With the GPS Manager you can transmit the in the GPS-Module stored tracks data (name, starting/ finish line, split time measuring points) to the PC or from the PC to the GPS-Module. The GPS-Module then recognizes by itself, on which from the up to 50 stored tracks the vehicle currently is, and indicates automatically over the stored coordinates the laps- and split times. In the program is a database, with almost all race tracks of the world (kart, car and motorbikes) contained.

From these tracks the track-layouts (also the different varieties of a track) can be deposited, to overlay them in the film when using the SmartyCam and show the current position of the vehicle as a point on it.

We intend, in cooperation with our customers, to set up a data base with these coordinates, from which everybody can download the data from the desired tracks. Therefore you can email us the read out track data. This has the advantage, that not each customer must set his points himself, but uploads the available track data onto his GPS-Module and gets his lap times automatically.

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