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Remote diagnosis

memotec Ferndiagnose
memotec Ferndiagnose
We haven’t gone out of one’s way in order to stand in the forefront for our customer.

With this remote diagnosis we are able to access to your computer from our company. Herewith we can help you immediately with the configuration of the delivered devices, installation of the software, debugging as well as with the data analysis. This saves time not only for us but also for you.

It is a precondition to have an internet connection (at least DSL).

You can download the link as a module below. Afterwards you just have to start it. There is no installation necessary and after the session you can remove the module or keep it on your computer for further sessions.

After starting the module an ID number appears in the area below. Now contact us via the telephone number 0900 1 920440 (1,79 € from the landline and 1,99€ form the mobile per minute including 19% VAT) Afterwards our employee will ask for the ID number and be connected to your computer after entering the ID.

You can call the hotline from Monday-Friday from 1.30 pm and 6.30 pm.

memotec remote diagnosis modul for downloading

memotec Ferndiagnosemodul 2.00 - deutsch

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