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memotec Hotline
memotec Hotline
You can call our hotline (0900 1 920440)from Monday-Friday between 9.30 am and 6.00 pm. Our employees will help you with the configuration of your memotec- and AIM devices, with the installation of the software, gives answers to your questions about the assembling or debugging, the data analysis as well as to every technical questions, making a very fast and efficient solution of your problems possible.

Therefore we arranged a new workplace with the latest equipment and an own telephone extension among our normal workplaces, employed staff and accordingly trained them. From this place we are able to access to your computer and work on it. For this purpose connect your computer with the internet as far as possible before calling us. Please keep the Aim-serial-number (on the box as the case may be in the display) and the memotec-serial-number (on the box or in the battery case) ready because our employee will ask you about this first.

Our hotline has no connection to the telephone system of our company so that you can reach us anytime. If the line is busy please hold it or try again later. We are not able to forward you to the hotline from other workspaces of our company. The call on our hotline from the German - landline costs 1,79 € as the case may be mobile 1,99 € per minute including 19% VAT and will be aligned via your telephone settlement.

memotec Hotline for customers from Germany: 0900 1 920440
memotec Hotline for customers from Austria: 0900 454 685
memotec Hotline for customers from Switzerland: 0900 000 128

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