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Please ask us

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Fragen Sie

What you should absolutely consider when you buying meas. instr.:

  • selection of the retailer 
  • guidance 
  • scope of delivery 
  • product 
  • after sales service 
  • software training courses 
  • guarantee

Selection of the retailer

Only buy at a place where you are advised proper on the telephone or during a personal conversation. Should your questions only be answered haltingly or even not at all you have either chosen the wrong retailer or you have simply got the wrong employee. In this case ask for the manager of the company. Should he be already talking to you or you are told that he is busy and therefore not available you are definitely in the wrong company. The best thing you can do now is to call us.

Please never buy at any internet auction if you are not a 100% sure that the company selling the products is serious, because you always run the risk that you might have to give back the product you have just bought because it is a stolen good or because the supplier is on “vacation” for a long time because of illegal business and will therefore not be able to meet his service and guarantee obligations.


Should you call us we need to ask you some questions before starting with the guidance. This is not because we are curious but because we need to gain some information concerning your requirements and expectations on the products. After this we are able to guide you on which product would be the best for you, what additional sensors or other additional equipment you might need and what this will cost you.

Scope of delivery

When you have our offer you can get another offer from a competitor that includes the same product with the same scope of supply and scope of service and compare these two offers with each other.

Please note that our Software is royalty-free and the regular Updates can be downloaded for free from our homepage.

Ask as well for the sensors and connection cables that are included in the price.


Should you not be a linguistic genius you should pay attention that the device communicates in a language with you that you are able to understand. Please note that the engineers who develop the devices are high intelligent nerds and not even their fellow countrymen are able to understand their language.

The scope of delivery for our products includes menu languages (besides MyChron Light and Multichron), assembly and operating instructions, Software and manuals in German, English, and Italian and partly in some additional languages.

After Sales Service

Please ask if it is possible that someone installs the complete measuring equipment in your car and what that will cost. Should this generally not be possible you are definitely at the wrong place. We have an own garage and employees who can make the installation either at our place or if you wish so at your place. Often the transport of an employee is cheaper than the transport of a vehicle.

It is important to ask as well how long it generally takes to repair the equipment if it should fail and what opportunities they offer you in the meanwhile. Ask for the availability and prices for spare parts. We usually have all spare parts for reasonable prices in our stock and are therefore in the position to repair nearly every instrument within 48 hours.

If we are not able to do so we can provide you on loan and for deposit an instrument until yours is repaired. In case of warranty you will not have to pay the lending fee but only the deposit and the carrying costs.

Software training courses

Don’t forget to ask what a software training course would cost. For sure most of our competitors do not offer such training courses. Yet you do need to know how to use the Software, the instrument and all that comes with it. We offer basic trainings where you learn how to install the instrument, put it into operation, read the data and how to interpret the most important parameters. This information will already bring you a huge step ahead. Should you desire to learn even more or to deepen your knowledge come to one of our workshops which always have a special topic.

Discount granted for bigger purchase quantities.


Always ask for guarantee. Don’t buy at a place where no guarantee is granted for parts that are used for motorsport. We guarantee that our instruments run faultless for at least two years.

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