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Glossary – or what our abbreviations are

ABS active speed sensor
AGS Compensating plug for thermocouple sensors
AK Connection cable
ATF Exhaust gas temperature sensor
BA User manual
BDS Brake pressure sensor (german)
BL Backlight
BPS Brake pressure sensor
CAN Controller Area Network
CBT CAN Bus Technology
DK Data Key
DK-Poti Throttle flap position sensor
DS Pressure sensor
DÜ-Kit USB data transference cable with RaceStudio 2 software
FSW Formula Steering Wheel
FW Firmware
GA Gear indication
GS Gear sensor
IR Infrared
IRE Infrared-receiver
IRTF Infrared-temperature sensor (contact free)
IR-Kit Infrared-Transmitter and Infrared-receiver
KB Wiring harness
LCU Lambda-Controller Unit
LG Course, Software-seminar RaceStudio 2
LR Steering wheel
LWS Steering angle sensor
M8 aktiv active speed sensor with M8 thread
M8 passiv passive speed sensor with M8 thread
MAP Intake manifold pressure sensor
MC3 MyChron3
MC4 MyChron4
MFS Magnetic sensor
MK Memory Key
MLT Manual lap trigger
PI Product information
PVS Power valve sensor
PT100 Typ of sensor: Thermoresistor
RS2 RaceStudio 2 (Software)
Sensorkit IR-Kit, speed sensor and 1x temperature sensor (MXL= 2x temperature sensor)
SW Software
TC, TE Typ of sensor: Thermocouple
TD Technical documentation
TF Temperature sensor
TPS Throttle position sensor
TR Typ of sensor: Thermoresistor
Tx Infrared-Transmitter (Beacon at pit wall)
VK Extension cable
v-Sensor Speed sensor
WG xxx Suspension sensor (with measure range)
WTF M5 Fluid temperature sensor with M5 thread
WTF M10 Fluid temperature sensor with M10x1 thread
WTF G1/8 Fluid temperature sensor with G1/8 thread
ZKTF 10 Spark plug temperatur sensor for 10mm threads
ZKTF 12 Spark plug temperatur sensor for 12mm threads
ZKTF 14 Spark plug temperatur sensor for 14mm threads

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