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Homesim race simulator

memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
memotec homesim race simulator
Our Homesim simulator consists out of high-quality components such as steering and pedals, although their origin lies in the field of computer games, but they must be severely improved in many details for the use in a professional simulator. Thus the factory mounted Chinese servomotor must have to make way in the Fanatec- steering unit for far better and more durable engines from Siemens. Also the measuring cell on the braking pedal didn’t comply too the high demands from memotec and had to be modified. The place of a prestigious Italian manufacturer is the best the market has to offer.

The chassis is made in Germany and can be easily enhanced or modified due to its angular pipe-construction. There are many various steering wheels to choose from, likewise the gear-operators (steering wheel –shift pedals, H- gear shift or sequential gear shift). In the basic version the cars and test- and race tracks are preinstalled.

All this makes the drive in the simulator very realistic and achieves usually, that you are straight away fast on the first real test drive in a car.

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Special features Homesim Simulator

  • Fanatec- steering unit V2
  • Fanatec- pedal unit V3 with dampers
  • stainless steel frame for flexible setup and dismantling
  • Buttkicker Gamer 2 for a realistic driving experience
  • Special developed rFactor race cars
  • Up to three screens on a rollable stainless steel frame
  • Simulator complete equipped and ready to play

Functions of Homesim race simulator

Functions of Homesim race simulator
1 Play seat for Formula cars 2 Formula- and touring cars steering wheel 3 Modified Fanatec steering wheel holder
4 Fanatec V2 pedals 5 Vibration engine and load-cell 6 Adjusting of the pedals by threaded rod
7 Height-adjustable steering wheel holder 8 Buttkicker for a realistic driving experience 9 Manual gear change
10 Stainless steel holder for the gear box 11 6 pedestal 12 Two rolls for moving the simulator

Features Homesim simulator

Features screens homesim race simulator

Over three 24” screens you have a very good vision over the vehicle. These are mounted on a rollable stainless steel frame and can be placed directly on the Fanatec steering unit. Therefore also the sitting position is like in a real race car.  

 Fanatec steering unit


Fanatec pedal unit

In the steering unit from Fanatec, Siemens engines are built-in by us, to simulate the realistic steering forces of race car. Onto the base either a Formula- or Touring car steering wheel can be connected.   The pedal unit has been strengthened through steel shafts. This way higher braking forces can be realized without any damages. Over three different packers the hardness of the braking pedal can be additionally set.
Features fanatec steering unit   Features fanatec pedal unit

Homesim gearshift

Features Homesim gearshift    

For the Homesim there are four various possibilities for a gear shift. Either you use the pedals on the steering wheel or a gear unit on the stainless steel frame. There the two of Fanatec, H- and Sequential- gear unit or the sequential ARC (image) can be used. With the ARC version the leverage can be set additionally.

We recommend using the version from ARC with all vehicles that haven’t got a pedal-shift. Because of the adjustable gear force you are also during changing gears not far away from a real race car.





On the simulator, as well as on the screen frame are roles. Therefore the simulator can be moved at any time. With 6 pedestals the simulator stands on any surface safely.


Over the so called ButtKicker underneath the seat e.g. the driving over curbs or the slide into the gravel is simulated realistic.

Features mobility Homesim Simulator   Features Homesim ButtKicker


Our Homesim simulator can be variously adjusted. At the pedal unit are Push Rods, with which the angle of the pedalry can be changed. Over a clamp on the bottom side this unit can be displaced to the front or back. The same can also be done with the Fanatec steering unit. Here however are slots at the adjustment for the angle.

Adjustability Homesim Simulator

Car development for rFactor

Car development for rFactor 

The computer game rFactor gives a good base for our Homesim race simulator. Based on real gathered measurement data, specific rFactor cars are adjusted through these. Thus in the game the same lap times can be achieved as on the racetrack.

Changes on the setup therefore show straightaway if it is going in the right direction. And all this without having to drive first onto a racetrack.

With this simulator the drivers can warm themselves up to the various racetracks and therefore don’t have to start on a test day from scratch.


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