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Taipan ECU

AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan
Admeasurements AiM Taipan
Admeasurements AiM Taipan
AiM Taipan ECU is a plug & play engine control unit for Motocross, Supermoto or Enduro bikes. The injection times, ignition angles, quickshifter or traction control can be stored and selected by different mappings. The 32-bit core guarantees an accuracy of 1/10 degree. This reults in a very consistent engine rotation, exact results by repeat dozens of tests at a bench and in the end more power at the wheel.

On the two analog inputs, for example a barometric pressure sensor can be connected. A second injector or an electric water pump can be connected via the two digital outputs.

The different mappings from the AiM Taipan can be selected on the bike by using a Handle Bar Switch. In addition, the traction control, lunch control or innjection can be controlled.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie 
CAN-Bus Technology

Special Features Taipan ECU

  • High-Tech-32-Bit-core
  • Manage up to 5 selectable maps
  • Extended base map for immediate performance increase
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Map optimisation of the launch control
  • Map optimisation of the traction control
  • Optional switch on handlebar

Connection example Taipan ECU

Technical Data AiM Taipan ECU

Analogue channel Optional 2 inputs (0-5V) each 1000Hz sampling rate for controlling external sensors, e.g. air pressure

Optional 2 digital switching outputs for controlling the second injection nozzle and e.g. a water pump
Setting options Ignition
Launch Control
Traction control
Speed Limiter
Speed Limiter
Quick Shifter
Switch Handlebar (can also be used as shiftlight module)
Various maps
Processor High-Tech 32-Bit core:
- Guaranteed accuracy at 20000 rpm a maximum deviation 1/10 degree
- 0.8 µsec for switching on the ignition spark
Updates Software- and Firmware updates for free in the internet
Connector   1x JST 04T-JWPF-VSLE-S
1x 33-Pin Male ECU-Connector
Power consumption 150 mA
Housing material Polyamide 6 + 30% Fibreglass
Measurement Housing: 89,4 x 75,4 x 29,3 mm
Weight 260 g
Protection class IP67

The funftions of Taipan ECU

1 Connection ECU 2 Connection CAN 1 Switch Handlebar 3 Connection CAN 2 UC-Bridge
/ UC-Tuner
4 Connection analogue
/ Digital channels

The UC-Bridge

The UC-Bridge is required to establish a connection between the AiM Taipan and your PC. It allows you to upload various maps or maps that you can obtain from professional tuners and to read the diagnostic information from the AiM Taipan.

The UC-Bridge-Tuner

With the AiM UC-Bridge tuner, the tuner/motorcycle specialist can create tuner maps, configurations and strategies for the customer's motorbike on a dynamometer. The tuner can then flash these directly to the Taipan ECU or email them to the customer to download the created configuration and install it on the Taipan ECU using the AiM UC-Bridge. 

AiM SPARK Software for Taipan ECU

AiM SPARK Software Button

SPARK is the software for the new generation of the AiM Plug &Play Motocross ECU.

Via this software, configurations can be created in conjunction with the UC-Bridge Tuner and transferred to the unit via UC-Bridge Tuner or UC-Bridge.

With the SPARK software, you can customise your AiM Taipan ECU (UC-Bridge tuner required).

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