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Plug & Play Kit for Suzuki

AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki
AiM Solo 2 DL Suzuki

Plug & Play Kits for Suzuki

Our CAN Bus capable devices can now communicate with the Suzuki motorbikes of the models GSX-R 600, 750 and 1000. Using a special connection cable, we can tap the channels listed below via the engine control unit. Since no further steps are necessary for the customer other than plugging the model-specific cable into a plug that is standard in the vehicle and configuring the respective logger, we refer to these kits as plug & play.

In principle, however, our devices can be installed in any vehicle, even if there is no p&p version for it. If your model is not listed, please contact us and we will help you.

Supported Models

GSX-R 600 2005 - 2016
GSX-R 750 2005 - 2016
GSX-R 1000 2005 - 2016
GSX-R 1000 from 2017

Channels over CAN-Bus

Engine Speed Airbox pressure sensor
Rear speed Ambient pressure sensor
Front speed Injection nozzle 1 - 4
Gear Ignition angle 1 - 4
Battery voltage Throttle valve
Water temperature Throttle grip position
Intake air temperature Traction control

 Installation using the example Solo 2 DL

  • Connect the "Connection cable Solo 2 DL for Suzuki" to your Solo 2 DL via the 7-pin Binder 711 connector. It is the lower right input of your AiM Solo 2 DL.

  • Lay the connection cable from the front to where your passenger would normally be.

  • There, under the seat, you will find a connector.

  • Connect this black plug to our white one on the connection cable for Suzuki.

  • Use the RaceStudio3 software to create a new configuration for your Solo 2 DL and select as ECU Manufacturer: Suzuki and as ECU Model: SDS protocol.
  • Connect your Solo 2 DL to your PC via WLan.

  • Transfer the configuration to the AiM Solo 2 DL.

  • You can check the communication via the online mode.

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