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SmartyCam GP HD 2.2

AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
Abmasse AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
Abmasse AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2 is the new HD-fing camera with data overlay for motorsport. This version not only delivers videos in HD quality, but has also been improved in every respect compared to its predecessor. And not only compared to its predecessor, but much more compared to almost all other high definition action cams. 

The technology of the SmartyCam HD GP Rev 2.2  is housed in a stable and waterproof aluminium housing. Under the side cover of the recorder is the mini-USB port for charging or configuring the camera. Furthermore there is the slot for the SD card which is supported with up to 128 GB by the SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2. With this card size HD videos of up to 40 hours can be recorded. Finger camera and recorder are connected via a special cable.  

As with the first version, an external GPS module (not the GPS-08 SmartyCam Version but GPS-08) can be connected to the camera, which allows you to display speed, lap time or position on the track without connecting to the engine control unit or data logger. The recording can be started via the likewise integrated three-axial acceleration sensor and shows you the G-forces of your vehicle live in the video.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie
CAN-Bus Technology

Features AiM SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2

  • Live display of the motor data in the video (Data Overlay) 
  • GPS over external antenna
  • Triaxial acceleration sensor
  • Rechargeble Lithium Battery
  • up to 128 GB storage (SD Card)
  • ECU Interface
  • Aluminum housing
  • Bullet cam with seperate recorder
  • TFT color display | 240x320 Pixel

Connection example AiM SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2

Anschlussbeispiel AiM SmartyCam GP HD

Technical data AiM SmartyCam GP HD 2.2

Display size 320x240 Pixel | 2.4"
Lense Telecentric with six elements
Diagonal field of view 67°,  84° or 120°
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery
1.500 mAh, 12 Volt
Charging Charging station | CAN | PC: max. 700mAh
Power consumption Recoridng up to 20 minutes (Stand Alone)
Power supply 9 - 15 Volt
Storage cards SD card | max. 128 GB
Data storage For one hour:
4GB (highest quality)
2GB (middle Qualitätquality)
1.5GB (lowest quality)
Video format H.264 | 1280x720 Pixel @30 fps
Acceleration triaxial ± 5g
Ambient temperature -10°C - +60°C
Connector 1x Bushing (Binder), 711, 7-pin | 2x Bushing (Binder), 711, 5-polig | 1x Bushing SMA, for bullet camera | 1x Mini-USB
Automatic power on Yes, if connected to an AIM logger
Automatic power off Yes
Automatic recording Yes
Dimension Housing: 104,6 x 79,6 x 26,6 mm
Bullet camera: 24 x 58,3 mm
Weight Housing: 320 gr.
Finger camera: 45 gr.
Protection class IP67

The functions of AiM SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2

Funktionen AiM SmartyCam GP HD
1 Locking SD card cover 2 Connection for Mini-USB and SD Card 3 Anschlüsse füConnection for  GPS, AiM Logger and bullet camera
4 Aluminum housing 5 2.4", 240x320 Pixel, Color disaply 6 Metal buttons with different functions

The connetions of AiM SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2

Anschlüsse AiM SmartyCam GP HD
1 SMA for Fingerkamera 2 Binder 711-7p for ECU-MIC 3 Binder 711-5p for exteranal GPS 4 Binder 711-5p for internal CAN

Data Overlay AiM SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2

For the SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2 you can freely choose which parameters are on which position in the video live. The following parameters are available for the data overlay:

Engine speed, accelerator pedal position, speed, brake pedal position, temperatures, accelerations, pressures, position on the track, driver and team name, time/date, lap time, gear, team logo

Data Overlay can be created, modified or transferred to the camera at any time using the RaceStudio 3 program.




Pixel are not everything

The Global Shutter CMOS technology prevents image distortion during video recording. This is possible because the images are not captured pixel by pixel but simultaneously. The result is images that were captured even at higher engine speeds without the so-called wave effect.   The lens and the size of the sensor play an important role for cameras used in motor sports. It should also be robust and avoid distortions caused by fast changes of direction. In addition, there is the problem that both near and far things have to come across sharply in the video.
SmartyCam HD CMOS Sensor   AiM SmartyCam HD Kamera Technik


AiM SmartyCam HD Speicherkarten  

1 hour receording needs 4GB

The videos of the SmartyCam HD Rev 2.2 are compressed by the H.264 format without losses on a user-friendly size. This means that we only need 4 GB (best quality) for an hour-long HD recording.

These files are stored on SD cards. With current SD cards up to 128GB, you can record more than 32 hours of video without changing the card.

Pay attention to read and write speeds when purchasing an SD card. We recommend the SanDisk SDHC 32GB Extreme Pro.


The optics

Normal optics of the SmartyCam HD GP: when mounted in the cross of the roll cage of touring cars and GT cars, the image width is from A-pillar to A-pillar, i.e. the complete windshield.   This super wide angle is only available with the GP and is particularly suitable for open vehicles or if the camera is mounted very far in front of the vehicle.
Optik AiM SmartyCam HD 67°   Optik AiM SmartyCam HD 84°

Accessory for AiM SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2

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