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The AiM PDM32 is a power distribution module that replaces conventional fuse and relay systems. It has 32 power outputs with different power levels. The 8 analogue/digital, 2 speed and 4 digital inputs can be recorded with the integrated data recording.

Two of the three CAN interfaces can be connected to over 2.000 ECUs from the industry's leading ECU manufacturers. AiM extensions such as GPS, SmartyCam, etc. are connected to the third CAN interface. The PDM32 can be connected to a 6" or 10" TFT display via the Lin Bus. As the 10" display does not have its own buttons, the Remote Control Module should also be used.

All this is housed in an IP65 splash-proof aluminium housing. Up to two reversing cameras can also be connected to the PDM32.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie 
CAN-Bus Technology

Special Features PDM32

  • 4 switching outputs up to 20 A 
  • 12 switching outputs up to 15 A  
  • 12 switching outputs up to 10 A 
  • 4 half-bridge outputs up to 35 A
  • 8 Analog-/Digital inputs
  • 4 Digitale inputs
  • 2 Speed inputs
  • Total current 120 A
  • 4 GB memory
  • 3 CAN interfaces
  • ECU Interface (CAN, RS232)
  • Input for rear camera

Connection example AiM PDM32

Anschlussbeispiel AiM PDM32

Technical Data AiM PDM32

Rev counter Tapping from the control unit CAN/RS 232
Indication area 0 up to 22.000 rpm
Time measurement Triggering over CAN-Optical-Beacon or GPS
Lap times without limit, up to 5 split times
Measuring accuracy 1/100 sec.
Analog channels 8 Inputs (0-5 V, 12 bit)
with switchable pull-up resistor
Switching outputs

4x Switch output up to 20 A 
12x Switch output up to 15 A 
12x Switch output up to 10 A
4x Half-back outltes up to 35 A

Total power 120 A
Speed 2 digital inputs
Acquisition via inductive wheel speed sensor ABS, CAN/RS232 or GPS
Indication in km/h or mph 
Sampling rate 10 - 100 Hz, free arbitrary
Acceleration triaxial ± 5 g and Gyroscope integrated in the logger
Sampling rate acceleration sensor 1 - 100 Hz, free arbitrary
Sampling rate Gyroscope 1 - 50 Hz, free arbitrary
Total sampling rate 8950 Hz (without ECU)
Connector AMP 35 pin, black 
AMP 35 pin, grey
Binder 711, 3-pin
Binder 711, 5-pin
Rosenberger LVDS
Additional function Rear camera input
4 digital inputs
calculated channels
Data storage non volatile 4 GB-storage
Data transfer USB
Power supply over 12V on-board power supply
In / Out over ignition switch 
no data loss after switching off
Updates Software- and Firmware updates for free over the internet
Measurement 234,5 x 94,6 x 49,5 mm
Weight 761 gr

The inputs on the PDM32

Die Eingänge des AiM PDM32
1 AMP connector 35-pin, black 2 AMP connector 35-pin, grey 3 Amphenol connection to the battery
4 Status LED's 5 Display connection LVDS 6 USB connection between PC and PDM
7 Connection for 2x Rear camera

AiM RaceStudio3 Software for PDM32

AiM RaceStudio3 Software Button

RaceStudio3 is the Software for the current generation of the AiM Logger.

This software can be used to create configurations and transfer them to the unit via USB. The measured values can be checked via an online mode or a recording can be started manually.

With RS3, mathematical channels can now also be created, transmitted to the unit and shown on the display.

Expansions for PDM32

AiM Data Hub

Data Hub

  • AiM CAN Bus Expansion
  • 4 additional EXP inputs

mehr mehr Informationen zum AiM Data Hub

AiM GPS Modul

GPS Modul

  • Driven Line
  • Lap time
  • Split time
  • Predicitive lap time
  • Speed
  • Accelerations

mehr mehr Informationen zum AiM GPS Modul



  • Lambda value
  • Lambda probe temp
  • AFR value

mehr mehr Informationen zur AiM LCU-2

AiM Channel Expansion

Channel Expansion

  • 4 Analog input or
  • 2 Digital inputs

mehr mehr Informationen zur AiM Channel Expansion

AiM TC Hub

TC Hub

  • 4 Thermocouple inputs

mehr mehr Informationen zum AiM TC Hub

AiM Memory Modul

Memory Modul

  • Recording on  SD card
  • up to 32 GB SD cards

mehr mehr Informationen zum AiM Memory Modul

AiM SmartyCam 3 Dual

SmartyCam 3 Dual

  • Full HD Video
  • Data Overlay
  • 2x bullets cam
  • Video Output (SDI)

mehr mehr Informationen zur AiM SmartyCam 3 Dual

AiM SmartyCam 3 GP

SmartyCam 3 GP

  • Full HD Video
  • Data Overlay
  • 1x bullet cam
  • Video output (SDI)

mehr mehr Informationen zur AiM SmartyCam 3 GP

AiM SmartyCam 3 Corsa

SmartyCam 3 Corsa

  • Full HD Video
  • Data Overlay

mehr mehr Informationen zur AiM SmartyCam 3 Corsa

AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

SmartyCam 3 Sport

  • Full HD Video
  • Data Overlay

mehr mehr Informationen zur AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

AiM Shift Light Modul

Shift Light Modul

  • RGB shift lights
  • Predictive lap times

mehr mehr Informationen zum AiM Shift Light Modul

AiM Rückfahrkamera

Rear Camera

  • up to 2 pictures
  • Rear view
  • Front view
  • Picture in TFT Display

mehr mehr Informationen zur AiM Rückfahrkamera

AiM Remote Buttons Interface

Remote Buttons Interface

  • 4x Menu buttons
  • 1x Backlight on/off
  • 1x Odometer reset

mehr mehr Informationen zum AiM Remote Buttons Interface

Accessory for PDM32

AIM Zubehör Befestigung AIM Zubehör Temperatur AIM Zubehör Bewegung AIM Zubehör Druck AIM Zubehör Geschwindigkeit AIM Zubehör Hubs AIM Zubehör Kabel
Fastener syst. Temperature Movement Pressure Speed Data Hub Cable
AIM Zubehör Rundenzeit AIM Zubehör Steckverbinder
Lap time Connectors

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