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AiM MultiChron
AiM MultiChron
AiM MultiChron
AiM MultiChron
AiM MultiChron
AiM MultiChron
AiM MultiChron
AiM MultiChron
Multichron is a handy AIM “multi-Chronometer” which is able to take and save concurrent lap times from up to 4 drivers at the same time. The stopwatch can stop up to 99 laps per driver and up to 9 intermediate times per lap.

It was deliberately omitted the most useless features and acoustic alarms to simplify especially the handling. Outwardly, not much has changed, the housing is stable and there is only one color left to choose from.

Special features Multichron

  • Lap times up to 9 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds 
  • Saves up to 400 laps, 99 per driver with max. 9 split times per lap 
  • Shows minutes, seconds and hundredth during the first 30 minutes and afterwards hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Switches off after 30 minutes when nothing happens.
  • Measurement accuracy 1/100 sec.
  • Lithium-battery, 2x CR2032

The starting mode

  • OneStart (race, all drivers start at the same time)
  • MultiStart (Training, everyone starts individually)

Functions MultiChron

Funktionen AIM MultiChron

1 Button for split times and reset 2 Button to start 3 Number of laps per driver
4 Number of splits per lap 5 Arrangement of the drivers in the rows 6 Split time for the driver 1
7 Current lap time driver 1 8 Function buttons MultiChron

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