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Abmasse AiM MXPS
Abmasse AiM MXPS
The AiM MXPS is a 6" TFT display with data recording for Suzuki GSX-R 1000 R motorbikes. It has 10 configurable RGB shift lights and a WiFi connection. The kit comes with an optional GPS module to get lap times and many other important information.

The MXPS is equipped with a JAE main connector for plug&play connection to the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and GSXR-R 1000 R models 2017-2022. The 5-pin 711 connector can be used to connect extensions such as the GPS module, a channel expansion, TC Hub, SmartyCam or Lambda Controller.

The sturdy aluminium housing meets the requirements of protection class IP65, making the MXPS suitable for the Suzuki. The integrated buttons can be used to adjust the settings of the AiM MXPS and switch between the configured pages. You can also choose between street mode and race mode.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie
CAN-Bus Technology

Special features MXPS

  • 4 freely configurable analogue inputs
  • 10 RGB Shift-lights
  • 9 Icons
  • Lap times with up to 5 split times
  • WiFi connection
  • 4 GB storage
  • 3 CAN interface
  • ECU Interface (CAN and K-Line)
  • Input for rear camera

Connection example AiM MXPS

Connection example AiM MXPS

Technical Data AiM MXPS

Rev counter Tapping from the control unit via the JAE 32 pin connector
Time measurement Triggering via GPS
Lap times without limit, up to 5 split times
Measurement accuracy 1/100 sec.
Lap time prediction
Analogue channels 4 inputs (0-5 V, 12 bit)
Thermocouple 0 -1200°C, measuring accuracy + 0.75% optionally with a TC Hub
Thermocouple resistance up to 180 °C, measuring accuracy + 1°
9 Icons, when the set alarm values are exceeded or not reached
Display in °C or °F
Sampling rate 1 - 200 Hz, freely selectable depending on sensor type
Day and total odometer
Speed Acquisition from the control unit via the JAE 32 pin connector
Display in km/h or mph
Calculations Possible with mathematical channels
Gear indicator Via the CAN stream directly from the ECU
Total sampling rate 8950 Hz (without ECU)
Connector 1x JAE 32 pin
2x Binder 711 5 pin
1x Binder 711 3 pin
1x Binder 711 8 pin
Shift light 10 freely configurable RGB LEDs
Freely configurable for each aisle
Additional function Display of the difference to the fastest lap in the split times
Lap time prediction
Wifi connection
Light sensor for display illumination
Data storage Non-volatile 4 GB memory
Data transfer WiFi 802.11 or USB
Power supply via 12V on-board power supply
On / Off via ignition switch
No data loss after switching off
Updates Software and firmware updates free of charge via the Internet
Measurements Housing: 189,6 x 106,4 x 24,9 mm
Display: 139,1 x 78,5 mm
Weight 620 gr

The functions of MXPS

The functions of AiM MXPS
1 9 Icons 2 10 RGB shift lights, free configurable 3 Display pages, free configurable
4 Windows for information 5 Light-sensor for illumination 6 4 Display Buttons with various functions

The connections of MXPS

The connections of MXPS
1 3x fixing points 2 Binder 711 8 pin, SDS + analogue channel 3 Binder 711 5 pin, mirror camera
4 Binder 711 3 pin, USB 5 Binder 5 pin, Expansion 6 JAE 32 pin, harness

Channels over CAN-Bus

RPM Speed
Intake air temperature Fuel sensor percentage
Neutral ABS warning
Oil pressure status Fuel used
Speed ABS Water temperature
Gear Fuel flow
SDMS Mapping Launch control active
Fuel economy Fuel consumption
Speed on Dash Fuel Level
TC level TC
Fuel Range ABS Data OK
Accelerations IMU Data OK

Channels over SDS (optional wiring harness)

Analog 1 Analog 2
Analog 3 Analog 4
Speed front Speed rear
Battery voltage Water temperature
Intake air temperature Airbox pressure
Barometric pressure Fuel injector 1-4
Ignition angle 1 - 4 TPS voltage
Grip voltage Gear sensor
TPS Grip position
Wheel spin rate with TC OFF Wheel Spin rate with TC ON
Dash pot correction angle SPS Status OK

The Display AiM MXPS

The Display AiM MXPS
The free configurable 6“ TFT olor display of the MXPS has a contrast of 600:1 and a brightness of 700 cd/m² e.g. 1,100 lumen. Over a light-sensor the contrast and the brightness are continuously adjusted to the surrounding. Whether various display pages, warning messages or mathematical channels, all this can be shown on the display. 

WiFi connection

Over the secure 802.11 WiFi connection the AiM MXPScan in conjunction with the RaceStudio3 be configured, calibrated or the data can be downloaded.

AiM RaceStudio3 Software for MXPS

AiM RaceStudio3 Software Button

RaceStudio3 is the software for the new generation of AiM loggers.

With this software, configurations can be created and transferred to the device via Wi-Fi or USB. The measured values can be checked via an online mode or a recording can be started manually.

Accessory for AiM MXPS

AIM accessory movement AIM accessory hubs AIM accessory temperature AIM accessory pressure AIM accessory speed AIM accessory cable AIM accessory connectors
Movement Data Hub Temperature Pressure Speed Cables Connectors

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