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AiM Expansions

Over the internal AiM CAN Bus the devices
can be expanded at any time with e.g. GPS,
Lambda, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Memory
Key or a Display.
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MyChron Expansion
With these expansions you can expand your MyChron with further sensors.
GPS Module
AiM GPS system for all newer devices that do not have one integrated.
These lambda systems can either be used with an AiM system or be connected analog to a test bench.
If you want to connect further devices or sensors, this divider comes into play.
These displays can be connected to the evos or SMC bridges for display. They have no internal storage.
To expand or read the data from your AiM device.
Remote Buttons Interface
The Remote Buttons Interface is designed to make the AiM Dash Loggers easier to operate when the system buttons are difficult to use.
With the AiM ACC | Analog CAN Converter, up to 4 analogue sensors can be connected to the AiM Solo 2 DL.
Shift Light Module
The AiM Shift Light Module is a compact display whose array of ten RGB LEDs can be used to monitor RPM thresholds and lap time performance.
Rear Camera
With the AiM rear camera, you can always keep an eye on the driver behind you on your display.
Handlebar Switch
With the Handlebar Switch you can choose different mappings while driving.
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