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memotec starting lights „Launch Master“

Launch Master
Launch Master
Launch Master
Launch Master

Who wants to be far ahead in the race mustn’t make a mistake in the qualifying and must absolve a good start. For this you need as a driver a lot of feeling for the clutch and the engine speed, since on one side you mustn’t stall the engine and on the other side you mustn’t burn the clutch. The higher the technique in racing is, the more sensitive it gets and the driver has to adjust himself to this.

We now have developed the starting lights Launch Master to practise standing starts under real conditions and record them very authentic for professionally analysy. For this a true to the original functioning miniature-starting light will be mounted in the cockpit. It is battery-operated and fitted with a push button, one green and five red LED’s. If the driver presses the button, it is a tantamount with holding out the “10 second board” of the clerk and for confirmation the green LED lights up for exactly 5 seconds. Afterwards timing in seconds the 5 red LED’S run up to show the last 5 seconds remaining to the start. When the fifth LED also lights up for a second long, all LED’s en bloc go off after at least 0.2 up to at the most 3 seconds and the start is released. When this happens precisely, an integrated random generator decides.

All activities of the starting light are provided for data record to record the starting sequences, to analyse them to improve the starts ultimately. For this the Launch Master gives an analog signal out, which can be processed of each data logger, which has an analog input.

The Launch Master has an internal lithium battery. It powers the device, even with a setting of the highest from 6 different brightness adjustments of the LED’s, for more than 1000 starting practices. The CNC-milled, anodized aluminum housing is waterproof according to IP67. The starting lights weighs 130 gram and costs 400 € plus VAT.

Launch Master comes with a one side open wire connection cable where the connector for the data logger should be fitted to. But we also provide a large number on connection cables for different vehicles and data loggers ready to plug in. All others we can produce short-termed.

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