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memotec Messtechnik review and preview

GEOMAXX laser system
GEOMAXX laser system
memotec 2013
memotec 2013
DMS Mach1 Kart
DMS Mach1 Kart
LiteBlox Battery
LiteBlox Battery
Homesim race simulator
Homesim race simulator
To the end of the motorsports-wise year I want to inform you about which activities lie ahead in the near future and what has happened besides all – often unnoticed by our customer at the track- during the past year.

New spare parts list online

Since 1st of November there is a new list with exhibition -, demonstration-, and used devices online on our homepage. Who is searching for a cheap offer, should buy now. It’s not gonna get any cheaper.

Training courses appointments 2015

10.01.2015 Basic Seminar Car Noch Lehrgangsplätze frei
24.01.2015 Basic Seminar Kart Noch Lehrgangsplätze frei
31.01.2015 Basic Seminar Car Noch Lehrgangsplätze frei
07.02.2015 Basic Seminar Bike Noch Lehrgangsplätze frei

If required, further appointments are scheduled until the mid of march.

Exhibition appearance 2014/2015

13. - 15.11.2014 Professional Motorsport World Expo, Cologne All AiM and memotec products
28.11. - 07.12.2014 Motor Show Essen Homesim race simulator and Geomaxx
17. - 18.01.2015 Internationale Kart Ausstellung, Offenbach All karting products

Reviewing the past 12th months

  • memotec starts in November 2013 the distribution of the Homesim- race simulators.

  • In December 2013 I have started to implement a 10 year old idea into the practice and to register the patent in July for an innovative procedure for the accurate measuring (Accuracy over 99%) of the tank capacity (i.a. from in tank moving liquids!) as well as the respective sensor.

  • In the first quarter I have - as every year since 1997 – trained a lot of our customers the proper handling with RaceStudio2 and taught them the secrets of the analysis and the correct interpretation of measurement data. Meanwhile, I look back on over 1000 attendees at my seminars.

  • AiM has released the new generation dash logger MXL2 and MXG in spring, and in June the SmartyCam HD GP. All three products have asserted oneself on the market and sell well.

  • In April a new frame size for brake pressure sensor came into the memotec program. The mini-sensor has a diameter of 13mm and is still affordable.  Further miniaturized pressure sensors will follow.

  • Between May and September I have continued an old idea from 2007 again and developed an innovative axial-alignment method for Rally-, Sports-, GT- and Touring cars, as well as the respective device for it. The software is being developed at the moment by a companioned Software-engineer.  Use pattern and patent are registered and GEOMAXX is as of now available.

  • memotec has taken over the distribution of a system for live video transmission from DCH in early summer. At the same time an agreement with GTRON was made over the distribution of their electronic pit panels.

  • In the scope of the spring deflection measurement, the sensor range has been extended in July to a new product series with only 9.5 mm size. These very light, but still solid sensors furthermore distinguish themselves through a very good compatibility towards water (IP67) and warmth (up to 175°C).

  • AiM has gradually expanded the offer on model specific brackets and connection cables for SOLO DL onto the current sport-motorbikes of following brands: BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Further kits are in progress.

  • memotec has taken in September a new, ultra-light high quality-battery into its program and revolutionizes therewith the market of the motorsports-batteries. Additionally it is possible to save a lot of weight (up to over 20Kg), through the refitting onto the durable (>10 years) LiFEPo4-battery (to 100% out of German production).

  • The automatic coolant-temperature control system memotec CoolControl for shifter karts and motorbike engines is after three months of development shortly before the production run. The testing is in the field at the moment. The sale should start in January.

  • Over the whole year the project “force measurement on a kart chassis” was continued.  Here in cooperation with Mach1-Kart new knowledge over the properties of tubular frame constructions are gathered and new materials are being tested.  On the measurement-kart the number of measuring-points has risen in the meanwhile up to approx. 40. The project is supposed to be finished in a year and give all together 5 students material for their bachelor thesis or master thesis.

As you can see, we are not standing still. After the construction of the new building last year, we now have over 12 fully equipped work places with the most modern equipment for the various fields of activity:

  • DMS-applications and calibrations
  • Electronic engineering  and programming
  • Development of mechanical components,  constructions of  proto types and testing
  • Vehicle assembly
  • Cable modification and connector assembly
  • Small series production
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Marketing, advertisement and internet
  • Racing service and track support
  • Seminar and service-hotline
  • Service, spare parts and repairs
  • Sales, administration and management

The number of permanent employees has increased on to 7 and usually someone completes his practical semester in our company or does his student research project.

Should we not see each other in this season again, I wish you all the best.

Best regards, also from my team
Ulli Mesch

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