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memotec Messtechnik review and preview 2015

memotec Messtechnik Rückblick und Vorschau 2015
memotec Messtechnik Rückblick und Vorschau 2015
A very exciting Motorsport-Season is over and the preparations for the next, surely just as thrilling season are running.


The huge challenges for us were certainly next to your supplies particularly the support of the scrutineering data logger (BoP) for ADAC-GT Masters, TCR International and Creventic 24h series.  

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We still support the VLN and the 24h Race at the Nürburgring. And also the equipment of DTM, FIA F3 EM, GT-Masters, Audi Sport TT-Cup and ADAC Formula 4 with SmartyCam HD didn’t work on its own. Furthermore we were also quite successful with sale of the new Dash logger-generation MXL2, MXS and MXG.

A special highlight was the market launch of our GEOMAXX. This went rather implicitly, since at first all cars of a DTM manufacturer were equipped with it and this wasn’t to be shouted from the rooftop. Meanwhile Pascal Wehrlein has got the DTM-Titel with it and we are proud that we have been part of this success with our innovative measuring system.

memotec Geomaxx Funktion

Product preview

MyChron5 has kept us waiting for a long time. Reason was a last minute decision to change the lap time recording. The for the first time in MC5 built in GPS-08, detects next to American GPS- Satellites at the same time also the Russian Glonass-systems and can like this calculate the position out of the signal from up to 24(!) satellites at the same time. This brings the precision into cm-range. An accordingly track data base enables the MC5 to recognize all tracks incl. the position from start-/finish line and magnetic loops, therefore the user hasn’t got to bother about this.

During the next year also the new technique of MXL2 shall also be established in the evo logger. Then the new evo4S and evo5 will appear.


In the range of our own development we are working at this time on two projects: one is for increasing the active safety within a race, the other one shall give the spectators more information and make the races more exciting.


For nearly 20 years now we have organized and carried out our system-seminars and recognize now a changed expectations from our customers. The general them is often not individually enough for them, it reminds a lot to the processes in school. Add to this the massive flood of information, which had to be taken in so far within one day.

From now on we offer individual-seminars, which consist out of various moduls and can be fitted as desired together, depending on the taste and needs of the customer. He also decides, where and when his seminar will take place. So far we have organized and mainly carried seminars out in our establishment. But since the number of our employees has increased drastically, the training room has been changed into 3 workplaces. Further information you will find on our homepage.


In this exhibition season we only participate on the Kart exhibition in January in Offenbach. In our opinion the PMWE in cologne doesn’t have to take place annually, this is why we exhibit there once every 2 years. At the Motor Show in Essen one of our Simulators is shown on the booth of DMV GTC / HCB Rutronik.

Winter offers

On time for the Christmas celebration we’re clearing up our stock with exhibition -/ and demonstration devices. Also we have managed to get some more new devices of our classic MXL Pista. All devices are in mint condition and have full warranty.

MXL Pista with connection cable CAN, (new device) 1.540,00 € 1.200,00 €
evo4 (demonstration device) with MXL-Dash (new device)       2.100,00 € 1.700,00 €
evo4 (demonstration device) with Formula Steering Wheel (new device) 2.142,00 € 1.700,00 €
evo4 (demonstration device) with Formula Steering Wheel Paddle Shift (new device) 2.390,00 € 1.900,00 €
evo4 (demonstration device) with GT Steering Wheel 350 (new device)             2.700,00 € 2.200,00 €
evo4 (demonstration device) with GT Steering Wheel 350 Paddle Shift (new device) 2.935,00 € 2.400,00 €
evo4 (demonstration device) with GT Steering Wheel 320 Paddle Shift, (new device) 2.935,00 € 2.400,00 €

Prices incl. 19% VAT. Valid from now on, only as long stocks last, max. until 10.1.2016.

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