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Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year 2017

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year 2017
Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year 2017
Dear Friends and Business partners,

Like in every year around this time, I would like to report to you this year what has happened in the last 52 weeks with us.

One year ago we have finally received the long –awaited MyChron5. It has found very good response and was not deliverable from stock until June. After AiM has more than doubled their productivity through a second production-machine, we were able to build up stock availability and react flexible to orders. MyChron 5 is a very good device, which also was completely developed, when it came onto the market. Since June also the long them of the exhaust gas temperature sensors is now history, because the last change has given us a very fast and solid sensor. In Kart-sport we therewith now stand at the very front.

When we were assigned by ADAC and VLN in 2009, to log, analyze and document the performance of  GT3 cars at the Nürburgring, nobody could imagine what meaning this subject will one day have for our firm.  In the run out year we were on behalf of 9 different organizers on 62 events on 28 different tracks in 20 countries in Europe and Asia in action. There we have gathered from the 1148 participant vehicles 5,7TB data (without Video) and extracted out of these for the Balance of Performance relevant information. Our 5 committed employees were therefore 522 days in fielding, have slept 396 nights in Hotels, were 183 hours in the airplane resp. 334 hours in the car on the way, to travel 174.822 km. Highlight for sure was the FIA GT-WolrdCup in Macau, the first event we have accomplished on behalf of the FIA.

I have initiated a process in my company over the past months, for slowly backing down a bit out of the operating business. Therefor Thomas is being prepared as my successor for his new tasks. His wife Kerstin is also being involved into here functions in the firm and I am currently establishing our new rented hall “Plant 3” at the moment. You know: Standstill is step backwards!

In this sense I thank all my customers and suppliers for the confidence in our employees and products. My team and family I thank for their loyalty, support and especially for their patience with me. I wish all a Merry Christmas, all the best, health and success in the New Year.  One thing to still be said to the active drivers from our customers, to be second in motorsports is no reason to be sad, other than in boxing…

Ulli Mesch

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