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Homesim race simulator by memotec

memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
memotec Homesim race simulator
Learning very authentic the behavior of racing cars on the track, without paying for tires, fuel or track rent, to find braking- and steering points, without having to be afraid of taking-off and the consequences of this, gear down without overwinding the engine and testing in the own flat – That’s only in the simulator possible. Also changes on the Chassis-Setup, or the aerodynamics or the tire pressure can be simulated, to find out, which causes time improvement.

A further important advantage of the simulator is the mental preparation for a qualifying, so that you train to concentrate on a fast lap. Or also to drive faultless in race under pressure – only the simulator offers all this, for a price of approx. 2 accident-free testing days in a small Formula car on the track.

memotec Homesim Rennsimulator in Aktion

With simulators you can prepare yourself perfectly for the changeover into another class, e.g. from kart into the Formula ADAC, from Formula ADAC into Formula 3 or from the F3 into the GP2 or in diverse touring cars and GT-cars and on unknown race tracks – the software from rFactor or other programs make it possible.

The simulator consists out of high-quality components such as steering and pedals, although their origin lies in the field of computer games, but they must be severely improved in many details for the use in a professional simulator. Thus the factory mounted Chinese servomotor must have in the Fanatec- steering unit make way for far better and more durable engines from Siemens. Also the measuring cell on the braking pedal didn’t comply too the high demands from memotec and had to be modified. The place of a prestigious Italian manufacturer is the best the market has to offer.

The chassis is made in Germany and can be easily enhanced or modified due to its angular pipe-construction. There are many various steering wheels to choose from, likewise the gear-operators (steering wheel –shift pedals, H- gear shift or sequential gear shift). In the basic version the cars and test- and race tracks of following racing series are preinstalled:

  • Formel BMW Talent Cup 2013
  • rFactor Formula 3 2006 Basic
  • rFactor touring cars
  • Formula 1 2013
Further models are optional available and may be added at any time: Kart, Formula ADAC, Formula Renault 2,0, Dallara F308, Dallara F312, GP3, GP2, Formula 4, Porsche Supercup, Porsche Carrera Cup,... .

rFactor for memotec homesimAll this makes the drive in the simulator very realistic and achieves usually, that you are straight away fast on the first real test drive in a car.

Summarizing it can be said, that a simulator is a sensible investment and a big help, to speed up quickly. But this does not mean that real test drives are unnecessary.

From now on until Christmas every working and Saturday from 10 am till 4 pm the simulator can be tested free. Please arrange the appointments in time with us.


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