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GPS lap timer Solo available

AIM Solo & Solo DL
AIM Solo & Solo DL
It took a long time until AIM now finally is coming with a new SOLO-generation on the Market.

The result is therefore more exciting, because with SOLO and SOLO DL AIM sets – as so often before – once again new standards.

The new SOLO is an exceptional lap timer, that for a price of only 360 € can do a lot. It measures lap- and split times, shows instantly the new best time, calculates the expected lap time, indicates constantly the deviation on hundredth to the fastest and the latest lap and tells the driver this way, if it makes sense to interrupt a fast believed lap. However these functions don’t only limit themselves on circuit tracks, but also on open tracks from A to B Solo captures this information, independent of, whether it is a racetrack, a street, a gravel path, a field, a sea or a river.

One of the most prominent features of the SOLO is its track management. Currently in the SOLO the coordinates of starting-/finish line, 5 split time measuring points and track layouts of over 50 tracks (100 with SOLO DL in combination with the SmartyCam) can be stored in the database. They are easily downloaded via a PC playing the AIM-line database or in the form of coordinates entered from for example Google Earth TM or stored on the track by pressing a button. In the last mentioned procedure, a further strength of the SOLO comes to bear, because of the internal battery it is non-essential to take the vehicle or even a heavy battery, to set the measurement points.

Solo straightaway recognizes with the help of GPS-data on which of the stored racetracks it is and knows where it needs to take which time or show it. Forgetting the transmitter on the pit wall or the lap timer only showing nonsense, because too many transmitters have been installed, is history.

While driving the device measures and stores 10 times each second the coordinates of the current Position, longitudinal-, transverse-, and vertical acceleration. From that it calculates the speed over the ground and shows it. The PC goes further: it calculates the acceleration from the GPS-data and compares it with values transferred over the sensor and calculates out of these the tilted position of the bike alternatively under-/over steering at the car.

Thanks to its magnetic bracket, the SOLO is easily taken from the vehicle to the laptop – and not the other way around. There the data are transferred by USB, to be afterwards analyzed with RaceStudio 2- the most used Software in motorsports, which is being used up to SBK-World Cup or the FIA  GT3 European Cup. The PC doesn’t only show the measured values graphical or tabularly, but also shows the driven lines of each lap, informs, which lap time theoretically is possible, alternatively which “false” lap was driven contiguous. Data can be overlaid from as many as whished laps or drivers.

Next to various features as a lap timer, there are number of functions for performance measurements (0 – 100 km/h, 0 – 160 km/h, 100 – 0 km/h, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m etc.), which can help the tuner with his job or the dragsterpilot with his sports. Also for the regularity drivers SOLO provides helpful functions. All functions are because of the logical and easily understandable menu, with plain text in many languages, very easy to operate.

The back lighted graphic-display is freely configurable and can be defined, if there are 1,2,3 or 4 values wanted to be shown simultaneous, at which the number of the shown measurements has an effect on the size of the numbers displayed. If there is only one indicated value shown, no matter if collected from the solo or from the ECU, this occurs with a character height, which nearly fills out the complete screen.

Certainly SOLO needs power for its job. It sources the power either from the 12V – main power supply or from an internal battery, which supplies approximately 5 hours with turned of backlight or 3 hours when it is turned on.  The battery is charged over the USB-cable from the PC or from the power supply unit (all included in the shipment).

DL stands for data logger. With this there is not only a data logger for storing the incoming so called GPS-coordinates meant, but a “real” data logger for only 240 € more.

This means for example for an owner of a BMW S 1000 RR, that the SOLO DL stores up to 100 times per second following measurements: RPM, throttle position, gear, water temperature, chosen grid, speed front and back, rotation yaw- and roll axis, 3- axial acceleration, tilted position, status and intervention of the traction control- just everything, what the CAN-Bus sends. The luscious storage in the SOLO DL is even enough for large-scaled sample rate longer than 3 hours.

Also the control unit of other modern bikes for instance from Ducati, Aprilia or MV Agusta communicate over the CAN-Bus and are therefore compatible to the AIM data loggers. The technology of most Far East – brands still has a slightly gap to pick up there. Considerably bigger than with the bikes is the range with the cars, because the date of most control units SOLO DL can store innately, just like the data of the OBDII-interface, which everyone in the EU as EURO 3 or better licensed passenger car has. You can find further information referring to this under:

For mounting the SOLO, AIM and memotec offer a quite comprehensive range. Also connection wise the devices doesn’t demand high standards which could ask too much of a versed hobby mechanic. For many vehicles there are already ready-made cables available, which make the soldering bit unnecessary.

With all these features the investment in SOLO and SOLO DL is on a long term a stable value, because the bike or car on circuit track is only one of many operational areas of the SOLO. Especially the performance-functions and the data logger make out of it way more than just a lap timer.


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