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Change in management at memotec

Ulli & Thomas Mesch
Ulli & Thomas Mesch

A bit as a surpise comes the information from memotec, that Thomas Mesch is taking over the fate of the measurement technology specialist as authorized signatory. Especially the supplement „from now on“ is all the more surprising as memotec is known for the fact that every step is thoroughly considered and planned for the long term and thus communicated.

Background for the sudden mood of departure in Eppingen is a slight stroke, which the company founder and boss Ulli Mesch has suffered from a few days ago. „I was very lucky, that it didn’t hit me in the sleep and that my wife an me immidiately did everything correct. I obviously have not suffered any  permanent damages, but nevertheless have taken this warning shot very serious und changed some important things immidiatly. Further steps will follow, so I will withdraw gradually completly from work life in 3 years. Thomas has been working for 15 years and nearly 12 years in our firm. He by now knows everything and everybody and knows how such a business is lead. I have worked for the past 25 years and now just want to have some more good years with my wife, after feeling the other day  the breeze, which will blow out our light one day. For me it will soon go to rehab, before starting my last big project: retirement.“

Dear friends and business partners,

I had a mild stroke a few days ago that didn't seem to have caused any long term damage. As quickly as it was there, I realized that I had to change something - just in case I wanted to live and be healthy for a few more years. I doubt that I would have so much luck a second time and therefore for safety's sake I took a few immediate measures: no alcohol, no nicotine, less stress, more exercise and fresh air and one or the other can kiss my ass. Of course I did not come up with these ideas alone, also my doctors had their personal opinion on it.  Or was it my wife?

After 46 years of uninterrupted working life, I have decided to transfer responsibility for memotec GmbH to Thomas now and not in 3 or 4 years. This does not mean that memotec has to get along without me now because I will continue to support the next years with my experience and the whole knowledge of the company if necessary and pass the 1000 days of remaining vacation and overtime at the same time. Then when all is well I'll retire 2022. Until then memotec will continue to have a place for me with desk, toolbox and company car, but without telephone and e-mail account.

I would like to thank all those who have worked with me in any way over the last 46 years, whether as colleagues, customers, suppliers or development partners, for the great cooperation and the trust placed in me. I already promise that the credo of memotec will not change. I have always been a friend of open words because only with sincerity can sustainable progress be achieved and I have passed this attitude on to my successor. Mutual trust, service and the satisfaction of our employees, customers and suppliers will continue to be the focus of our work in the future.

And if you're around and have nothing to do, come along, we can have a cup of coffee…

See you. Ulli

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