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CUBE Bikes with measurement technology by memotec

Measurement technology from memotec
Measurement technology from memotec
Cube logo
Cube logo
AIM evo4 data logger
AIM evo4 data logger
Development of high-performance bicycles at CUBE with measurement technology by memotec

As in all areas of life technical innovation is being propelled the fastest and most efficient under competition conditions. Test under laboratory conditions are one thing, tests und practice conditions are the other.

Similar to the automobile- and motorbike industry, also the bicycle industry relies on the use of their products in sports and races. Very hard conditions for trekking- and mountain bikes, especially, when they’re thereto as with cube, a leading off-road bike-manufacturer based in Waldershof, used for downhill-races. In addition to potential damages and the subjective impression of the driver it is thereby exceedingly important, to measure and document the weight bearing. From these results should also next to product optimization new test methods come up for the laboratory.

memotec has equipped thereto a CUBE development bike with measurement- and recording technology, to be able to gather forces, movements and acceleration on wheels, dampers, brakes and frame. The bicycle now has over 9 acceleration-sensors, 12 DMS-sensors, 2 spring deflection sensors, wheel speed sensors and one evo4 data-logger with GPS.


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